Individual Dose Response and Radiation Origin of Childhood and Adolescent Thyroid Cancer in Fukushima, Japan

Individual Dose Response and Radiation Origin of Childhood and Adolescent Thyroid Cancer in Fukushima, Japan

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Comments: The Discussion illustrates the association between radiation exposure from the nuclear accident and the increased dose of thyroid cancer. It further described the proportional increase of relative risk (RR) of thyroid cancer in individual dose groups providing relevant literature. The Discussion gives a clear view of the cause of the high incidence rates of thyroid cancer in the 2nd round of cancer study. The Conclusion presents the study of thyroid cancer in Fukushima residents exposed at ≤18 years of age and demonstrated a linear relationship between thyroid cancer incidence and individual external dose. Lastly, the authors suggest the dominant cause of increased childhood thyroid cancer in Fukushima.



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Comments: There are few errors found in the manuscript, which are as follows:

·       Under Discussion, 3rd paragraph, 4th sentence, “High incidence rates in the 2nd round… 1st round, indicated that the increased thyroid cancer…” should be written as “High incidence rates in the 2nd round… 1st round indicating that the increased thyroid cancer…”.

·       Under Discussion, 6th paragraph, 2nd sentence, “Radiation related thyroid cancer occurred mostly in children and adolescents…” should be “Radiation-related thyroid cancer occurs mostly in children and adolescents…”.


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Comments: The manuscript provides a detailed analysis of the individual dose-response and radiation origin of childhood and adolescent thyroid cancer in Fukushima, Japan. The probable radiation origin of childhood thyroid cancer in Fukushima after the nuclear accident was examined from the cancer registry in Japan, and the age distribution of thyroid cancer cases as compared with the Chernobyl cases. The methods of the study include Thyroid ultrasound screening and study subjects, Dose estimation and the dose-response of the thyroid cancer incidence proportion.


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Toshiko Kato
Independent Researcher, Nara, Japan

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Research Article
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Received: Sat 02, Apr 2022
Accepted: Mon 18, Apr 2022
Published: Wed 04, May 2022
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