Cecal Perforation in a COVID-19 Patient Treated with Tocilizumab: A Case Report

Cecal Perforation in a COVID-19 Patient Treated with Tocilizumab: A Case Report

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Comments: The Discussion establishes that gastrointestinal perforation (GIP) is a rare but severe complication related to Tocilizumab treatment and no increase in incidence has been observed with higher drug doses nor longer drug exposure time. Perforations usually occur in the lower gastrointestinal tract. The Discussion highlights that the study was not able to determine to what extent both Tocilizumab and high doses of glucocorticoids had contributed to the pathogenesis of GIP in this case. However, Tocilizumab may have caused the transmural inflammatory progression and the subsequent intestinal perforation. Relevant literature has been cited to support the discussion. The study concludes that with increase in use of Tocilizumab to treat patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia an increase in the incidence of GIP related to Tocilizumab may be observed.



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Comments: The case report presents the case of gastrointestinal perforation (GIP) in a 74-year-old female COVID-19 patient who was treated with Tocilizumab. The patient was presented with anorexia, constipation and was in an acute confusional state. Tocilizumab, a monoclonal antibody against the interleukin-6 receptor, is being used to treat patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia. The patient suffered from GIP 7 days after administration of Tocilizumab. A cecal perforation of inflammatory aspect was observed using exploratory laparotomy. Right hemicolectomy with terminal ileostomy and the mucous fistula was performed. The postoperative period was uneventful and no signs of malignancy were observed. The study concludes that with increase in use of Tocilizumab as an alternative treatment for patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia there might be a rise in the incidence of GIP related to Tocilizumab.


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Victor Dominguez Prieto
Surgery Department, Hospital Universitario Fundacion Jimenez Diaz, Madrid, Spain

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Case Report
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Received: Tue 27, Jul 2021
Accepted: Wed 11, Aug 2021
Published: Thu 09, Sep 2021
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