Spontaneous Rupture of an Unscarred Uterus in the Second Stage of Labour: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Spontaneous Rupture of an Unscarred Uterus in the Second Stage of Labour: A Case Report and Review of Literature

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The case description is adequate. The Discussion offers a thorough and detailed analysis of the findings of the present study taking all the relevant literature into account. The report Discusses that diagnosing uterine rupture in the absence of uterus scar can be very challenging for obstetricians and requires a high degree of suspicion. The study further recommends future research to evaluate causes of uterine rupture in unscarred uterus. The report is apt in Concluding that although rare, uterine rupture should be considered as a diagnosis even in the absence of uterine scar as the main risk factor.



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Comments: Uterus rupture is a rare but serious pregnancy complication that can be life-threatening to both mother and fetus. This case report and review of the literature aims to represent a case of spontaneous uterus rupture in an unscarred uterus as well as to conduct a systematic review of literature to identify risk factors and symptoms related to this condition and providing useful information regarding diagnosis of uterus rupture. The study holds significance as due to the rare nature of these events, very few studies have been done and the exact cause of rupture in the absence of uterine scar is unclear, while the impact is very severe.


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Negin Azadi
Resident, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Meharry Medical College, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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Case Report and Review of the Literature
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Received: Thu 10, Mar 2022
Accepted: Tue 29, Mar 2022
Published: Wed 13, Apr 2022
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