Rare Emergency Case of Bowel Ischaemia as a Result of Diabetic Ketoacidosis Complication: A Case Report and Literature Review of an Unusual Entity

Rare Emergency Case of Bowel Ischaemia as a Result of Diabetic Ketoacidosis Complication: A Case Report and Literature Review of an Unusual Entity

Review Data

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Comments: Yes, the topic is relevant to the journal area of interest.

Abstract & Keywords

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Comments: The abstract of your paper includes all necessary components and the chosen keywords are relevant.


Q: Is the goal explicitly stated in the Introduction? Is its formulation clear and unambiguous?

Comments: The goal of the paper is explicitly stated in the introduction, with clear and unambiguous formulation. It focuses on documenting an unusual case of intestinal ischemia and necrosis as a consequence of diabetic ketoacidosis in a patient recently diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type II.


Q: Is the paper's structure coherent? Is it in coherence with the goal of the paper?

Comments: The structure of the paper is coherent and aligns well with the stated goal. It systematically progresses from the introduction and case presentation to clinical discussion, and concludes with a summary of the findings and their implications.

Tools and Methods

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Comments: The methods used in the paper, which include a detailed case study and literature review, appear adequate for achieving the stated goal. These methods provide a comprehensive view of the case and its context within the broader medical literature.

Discussion & Conclusion

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Comments: The discussion and conclusion are indeed related to the results presented earlier and are coherent with the rest of the content.


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Comments: The author effectively utilizes relevant literature to support the study. References are drawn from various credible sources, enhancing the depth and context of the discussion.


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Comments: The length of the paper appears adequate given the significance of the topic. It provides comprehensive coverage without being excessively lengthy. Shortening the paper might risk losing valuable details or context, particularly given the case's rarity and the detailed literature review. The current length seems appropriate to convey the necessary information and maintain the paper's value.

Further comments on the paper


Overall, the paper is well-structured, effectively utilizing relevant literature and presenting a comprehensive case study. It successfully bridges the clinical observations with the broader medical context, providing valuable insights into a rare medical condition. The length is appropriate, maintaining depth without being overly extensive. The discussion and conclusion are directly tied to the results, ensuring a coherent flow of information. It's a thorough and insightful contribution to the field, enhancing understanding of the complex interplay between diabetic ketoacidosis and bowel ischemia.

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Corresponding Author
Athary Saleem
Neurosurgery Department, Jaber Al Ahmad Hospital, State of Kuwait

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Case Report and Review of the Literature
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Received: Fri 10, Nov 2023
Accepted: Mon 11, Dec 2023
Published: Sat 30, Dec 2023
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DOI: 10.31487/j.AJSCR.2023.04.02