Directionality of Chemical Reaction and Spontaneity of Biological Process in the Context of Entropy

Directionality of Chemical Reaction and Spontaneity of Biological Process in the Context of Entropy

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Comments: The Discussion elaborates on the thermodynamic property entropy in chemical reactions. Moving ahead, the authors discussed how the errors in information transfer from DNA to RNA significantly impair gene function and lead to misfolded and poorly functioning proteins.  The Discussion further suggests that entropy represents the negative and passive side of the matter, while potential energy shows a positive and active side. In conclusion, the authors put forward the importance of predicting the directionality of reactions and how entropy plays a significant role in predicting the direction and spontaneity of the reaction.



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Comments: The manuscript illustrates the directionality of chemical reaction and spontaneity of biological process with respect to entropy. The study further discussed the entropy in chemical reactions, living systems. The authors also highlighted the significance of macromolecules in terms of potential and entropy. 


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Jawad Alzeer
Swiss Scientific Society for Developing Countries, Zurich, Switzerland

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Review of the Literature
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Received: Thu 29, Sep 2022
Accepted: Mon 17, Oct 2022
Published: Mon 31, Oct 2022
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