Advanced Trainee-Led Physician Clinical Examination Workshop: Improving Training and Culture

Advanced Trainee-Led Physician Clinical Examination Workshop: Improving Training and Culture

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Comments: The Discussion section aptly summarizes the observations of the study with the help of relevant literature. It states that advanced trainees (AT)-driven near-to-peer teaching significantly enhances the leadership and teaching skills among basic physician trainees (BPTs). It highlights the benefits of this innovative AT-led clinical exam workshop which help improving the work culture, clinical examination and presentation skills among BPTs. Limitations of this study are also properly addressed.



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·       Words like “trainee”, “learning”, “minutes”, “innovative” are misspelled in the text section of the article.

·       In the 7th paragraph, the word “around” should be replaced with “to” before “clinical exam preparation”.


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Comments: This study focuses on the significance of near-to-peer teaching which consists of short case examination sessions and long case teaching points and demonstrations led by advanced trainees (ATs) for basic physician trainees (BPTs) to improve training culture, well-being for all participants, exam success rates, clinical examinations and presentation skills. It reports that this workshop appears to be cost-effective, feasible and improves skill acquisition and confidence among all participants. Few limitations of this study include venue, course timing, and lack of patients with clinical signs which call for further detailed validation studies. Future studies are required to improve the workshop which include a review of the timing of the course, teaching venue, structure of interactive sessions and early distribution of course materials for trainees.


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Prianka Puri
Department of Renal Medicine, The Canberra Hospital, Canberra, ACT, Australia

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Research Article
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Received: Sat 13, Mar 2021
Accepted: Wed 07, Apr 2021
Published: Tue 08, Jun 2021
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