Antibody Formation in COVID-19 and Immunisation

Antibody Formation in COVID-19 and Immunisation

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§  Significance of the Study: This study highlights the efficiency of three important tools such as antibody tests, novel treatments and vaccines to combat COVID-19. It thoroughly analyses the immunological basis as well as sufficient information about the previous study findings is presented yet none of these studies have evaluated whether the presence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 confers immunity to subsequent infection by this virus in humans. This study provides information on newly discovered vaccines and the success rates of their clinical trials. Current antibody tests and implementation of nanomedicines requires further research to determine whether they are reliable and accurate treatment for fighting against COVID-19. The appearance of non-neutralising antibodies is a limiting factor for this study. It is not yet clear whether COVID-19 imparts short or long-term immunity.


§  Fit with the Scope of the Journal: The manuscript perfectly fits with the scope of the Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports.


§  The manuscript is mostly well-written and well-structured except a few minor errors (already corrected in the galley proof) that are listed below:


o   Words like “dose-response”, “varicella-zoster”, “longer-lasting” should be hyphenated.

o   The word ‘reinfected” should be written as a single word.

o   In the 5th sentence of the Abstract, “are” should be inserted before “still missing”.

o   In the 5th sentence of the 2nd paragraph of the Antibodies, “response” should be replaced with “respond”.

o   In the 2nd sentence of the 3rd paragraph of the Vaccine Trials, “aid to block” should be rephrased as “aid in blocking”.

o   Punctuations and articles were missing in several places throughout the text section of the article.

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James Pandarakalam
Northwest Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Hollins Park Hospital & AFG Rehab Hospitals, Winwick, Warrington, UK

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Review Article
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Received: Mon 20, Jul 2020
Accepted: Mon 03, Aug 2020
Published: Sat 08, Aug 2020
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DOI: 10.31487/j.JCMCR.2020.03.02