Physiological and Pharmacological Studies on Cervical Motor Neurons in Slices Prepared from Neonatal and Aged Mice

Physiological and Pharmacological Studies on Cervical Motor Neurons in Slices Prepared from Neonatal and Aged Mice

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This study describes the membrane properties of cervical motor neurons obtained from normal ICR mice of different ages, which will serve as controls for study of motor neurons from the SOD1 mutant mice. The study is well designed and executed. The Methods and Results are adequately described. The Discussion puts forth the rationale for taking up the study, effectively describes the relevant literature and enlists the implications of the findings from the present study in that context. The results are well supported with briefly explained and labelled figures. The study finally Concludes from the results of the report that the extent of the dendritic tree is slightly reduced in older animals, and the speed of recovery from excitatory amino acid-induced depolarization is decreased.



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Comments: This study reports the effects of age on the physiological properties of cervical motor neurons, which were examined in slices made from an excised spinal cord graft of ICR mice from the second day after birth to age 350 days. The mouse spinal cord slice holds significant potential for the study of healthy and diseased motor neurons with aging. The goal of this study is to understand how the electrical properties of mouse motor neurons change with age. Intracellular recordings from motor neurons of various ages are performed, and changes in neuronal morphology with age are observed by intracellular injection of Lucifer yellow.


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David O. Carpenter
Institute for Health and the Environment; University at Albany, SUNY, Rensselaer, NY, USA

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Research Article
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Received: Mon 16, Aug 2021
Accepted: Tue 31, Aug 2021
Published: Thu 30, Sep 2021
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DOI: 10.31487/j.JBN.2021.01.02