Impact of Target-Controlled Infusion (TCI) of Propofol on State- and Response-Entropy and Sedation Depth During Flexible Bronchoscopy

Impact of Target-Controlled Infusion (TCI) of Propofol on State- and Response-Entropy and Sedation Depth During Flexible Bronchoscopy

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Comments: The Discussion provides a brief account of the observational study in understanding of the impact of Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) compared to bolus administration of propofol on sedation depth during flexible bronchoscopy providing relevant literature. Additionally, author also discusses the advantages and limitations of TCI. Lastly, the study provided a concludes that TCI of propofol provides a deep and steady level of sedation and is particularly beneficial for the requirements of time-consuming procedures or interventions during flexible bronchoscopy.



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Comments: Certain errors are found in the manuscript which are as follows:

·       Under Introduction, 1st paragraph, 2nd sentence, “Still, the examination can cause discomfort …  harming reactions” should be “Still, the examination can cause discomfort …harmful reactions”.

·       In Patients and Methods, 6th paragraph, 3rd sentence, “All patients were breathing spontaneously a mixture of air and supplemental oxygen (2-6L/min)” should be reframed as “All patients were breathing a mixture of air and supplemental oxygen (2-6L/min) spontaneously”.


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Comments: The manuscript highlights the potential benefits of Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) of propofol on sedation depth during Flexible Bronchoscopy. The research describes the cohort study of patients following the research procedure and its limitations. Further, the results put forth the outcome of the study representing data in the tabular form.


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Cornelius Husemann
Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Technical University of Munich, School of Medicine, Munich, Germany

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Research Article
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Received: Mon 10, Jan 2022
Accepted: Wed 26, Jan 2022
Published: Wed 16, Feb 2022
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