The Clinical and Treatment Challenges Posed by COVID-19

The Clinical and Treatment Challenges Posed by COVID-19

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James Pandarakalam
Northwest Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Hollins Park Hospital & AFG Rehab Hospitals, Winwick, Warrington, UK


Medical profession was unprepared to face the corona virus pandemic and the pharmaceutical armamentarium is currently not robust enough to combat with SARS-CoV-2. Drugs that are used for other medical conditions are also on trial to treat COVID-19. The pandemic is bound to pose psychological and economical sufferings. Testing, treatments and vaccine are the three tools to combat with COVID-19. It is feared that this viral infection would lead to an amplification of existing mental health issues and result in a surge of cases of PTSD and depression. Senior citizens and people with compromised immunity becomes more vulnerable to this toxic pathogen. A sound knowledge of all aspects of COVID-19 becomes essential to deal with the aftermaths of this unprecedented pandemic and mental health professionals will have to refresh their knowledge of virology and immunology. All the medical specialities will have to work together to defeat the novel virus.

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Review Article
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Received: Tue 23, Jun 2020
Accepted: Sat 04, Jul 2020
Published: Thu 09, Jul 2020
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DOI: 10.31487/j.JCMCR.2020.02.05