The Preschool Child in Acute Dental Care - Sedation and Physical Restraint in Collaboration with Guardians

The Preschool Child in Acute Dental Care - Sedation and Physical Restraint in Collaboration with Guardians

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The Discussion explains the challenges in treating the patient in the present case clearly. It also offers useful suggestions with respect to the treatment regimen. Dental literature lacks data on how guardians experience the child’s acute treatment. Therefore, interaction between healthcare professionals and guardians is strained when children are physically forced to undergo invasive medical procedures. The postoperative discussion aptly suggests that when the acute treatment is completed, questions and reflections from the child and guardian must be acknowledged.



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Comments: This study aims to advocate a treatment model for the acute dental care of preschool children. The dental staff regularly face acute situations with preschool children where quick decisions must be made, and treatment must be carried out. Scientific data in dentistry, illuminating the experiences and requirements of children, guardians and caregivers during acute situations, is lacking. The study holds significance as it proposes a guide model for acute dental care of the immature or not prepared preschool children, which can provide some guidance to the dental staff. Further, it puts emphasis on the point that imposing acute dental care on children should be a last choice when other options to relieve pain and suffering within a reasonable time are lacking.


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Larisa Krekmanova
Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Institute of Odontology, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

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Research Article
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Received: Mon 07, Jun 2021
Accepted: Mon 21, Jun 2021
Published: Thu 08, Jul 2021
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