Update in Obstetric Anaesthesia: A Ten Question Review

Update in Obstetric Anaesthesia: A Ten Question Review

Review Data

Q: Is the topic relevant to the journal area of interest? Is it contemporary and interesting for


A: Good.


Abstract & Keywords

Q: Are all required components included in the abstract? Are the keywords appropriately chosen?

A: Good.



Q: Is the goal explicitly stated in the Introduction? Is its formulation clear and unambiguous?

A: Good.



Q: Is the paper's structure coherent? Is it in coherence with the goal of the paper?

A: Very Good.


Tools and Methods

Q: Are methods the author uses adequate and well used?

A: Good.


Discussion & Conclusion

Q: Is it related to the results presented before? Do you consider them as coherent?

A: Good.


Comments: The Conclusion briefly states that numerous clinical trials on controversial topics have been carried out related to obstetric anesthesia and provides guidelines for giving medical care to the patients. This review has served its purpose and provided a better way to keep the clinicians updated about obstetric anaesthesia.



Q: Does the author utilize relevant literature?

A: Good.


Author's knowledge

Q: What is the level of author’s knowledge? Does the author utilize all recent contributions relevant to the topic?

A: Good.



Q: Is the length of the paper adequate to the significance of the topic? Do you suggest shortening the paper without losing its value?

A: Good.


Figures & Tables

Q: Does the author use them suitably? Are legend and notations clear?

A: Good.


Writing style

Q: Is it clear and understandable?

A: Good.

Further comments on the paper

Comments: The review covers major areas in obstetric anaesthesia and clearly explains every aspect of the effects of epidural analgesia on obstetric outcomes, analgesia for labour, anaesthesia for caesarean section in a simple, practical way and also highlights miscellaneous discussions based on the literature in the form of multiple-choice questions.


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A: Yes - Suitable to be published

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Hector Lacassie
División de Anestesiología, Escuela de Medicina, Facultad de Medicina, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile

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Review Article
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Received: Sat 22, Aug 2020
Accepted: Sat 05, Sep 2020
Published: Wed 16, Sep 2020
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