The Effect of Soccer and Lacrosse Participation and Video Verified Head Impact Biomechanics on Clinical Concussion Measures

The Effect of Soccer and Lacrosse Participation and Video Verified Head Impact Biomechanics on Clinical Concussion Measures

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Comments: The Discussion briefs about the clinical measures used to detect sports-related concussions (SRC) over the season of collegiate men’s or women’s lacrosse or soccer. The authors have compared the concentration scores of Standardized Assessment of Concussion (SAC) between women and men, providing relevant literature. The Discussion also puts forth the limitations and future directions for clinical measures of neurocognition. Finally, the Conclusion underlines the clinical changes and head impact biomechanics among men and women during a single season of lacrosse & soccer in a group of non-concussed athletes.



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Comments: There are some errors found in the manuscript, which are as follows:

·       Under Introduction, 4th paragraph, 1st sentence, “Due to the risk for exposure to head impacts in both soccer and lacrosse…” must be written as “Due to the risk of exposure to head impacts in both soccer and lacrosse…”.

·       The word “Delayed” has been misspelled as “delated” under the heading, Neurocognitive Testing and Instrumentation.


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Comments: The manuscript illustrates the study on the effect of soccer, lacrosse participation, and video verified head impact biomechanics on clinical concussion measures. The primary purpose of the research was to determine changes in clinical measures of cognitive function in uninjured collegiate lacrosse and soccer players. Further, the manuscript highlights the difference in the significant statistical changes over the course of the season among men and women.


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Thomas G. Bowman
Department of Athletic Training, University of Lynchburg, USA

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Research Article
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Received: Fri 25, Mar 2022
Accepted: Fri 15, Apr 2022
Published: Mon 02, May 2022
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