Refund Policy

Every journal at Science Repository performs all the process smoothly and efficiently. We provide utmost care to the valuable research work submitted at our journal and work to enhance the quality of the work by preserving the originality of the research. This is where Science Repository fulfills its primary purpose and incorporates Article Processing Charges (APC) to bear handling costs. Check Article Processing Charge Policy for details.

Authors need to agree with our Refund Policy before payment of the article processing charge.

An author (he/she) is given sufficient time to decide whether to accept the processing charges for publication of the manuscript in our journal. Once the author(s) accepts the article processing charges, the respective journal of Science Repository initiates peer-review process for the manuscript. Therefore, no refund or cancellation will be considered after the completion of payment and final publication of the submitted manuscript.

Science Repository refunds the APC if any error occurred from the publisher’s end resulting in a failure to publish an article under the open-access policies. Refund is processed online within 14 working days from the date when the publisher agrees to refund as per the Refund Policy.

Any kind of refund will not be issued if the author wants to withdraw/retract his/her paper from any Science Repository journals after completion of payment and after the final publication. After payment and publication, if the author wishes to withdraw his/her paper for revision and resubmission, then no refund will be provided from Science Repository. For necessary withdrawal due to any research conflicts or the author’s conduct, please check Withdrawal Policy. No refunds or cancellation of debts will be issued if the paper is removed due to Copyright Infringement Claims.

Check Open Access for details. Any query regarding Refund or cancellation contact contact@sciencerepository.org

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