A Rare Traumatic Event: Description of a Parailiac Hernia in a Young Female following Blunt Trauma

A Rare Traumatic Event: Description of a Parailiac Hernia in a Young Female following Blunt Trauma

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This case report helps in understanding the important patient factors which must be considered when determining the most effective management of a traumatic hernia. The report argues in favor of delayed repair of a traumatic hernia in the presence of other traumatic injuries and infection. The article is well supported with briefly explained figures. This report Discusses the individual factors which should be taken into account when faced with a traumatic hernia which might aid other trauma surgeons faced with the management of such hernias.



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Comments: This case report details the management of a rare traumatic left parailiac hernia in an 18-year-old female following a motor vehicle accident. The strategies described in this case report of a successful traumatic hernia repair hold significance as the cumulative literature is lacking data on the treatment of traumatic hernias and there is no consensus as to the ideal timing and method of repair. Traumatic abdominal wall hernias are a rare event and occur in less than 1% of blunt traumas. The patient in this case had an interesting and complicated post-trauma course due to multiple intra-abdominal and orthopedic injuries requiring timely management and further delaying operative hernia repair.


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Brone S Lobichusky
WellSpan York Hospital, Pennsylvania, USA

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Case Report and Review of the Literature
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Received: Thu 09, Jun 2022
Accepted: Thu 23, Jun 2022
Published: Wed 06, Jul 2022
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