The Lavender Way – Lavender Procedure, A Way to Defeat Breast Cancer Without Surgery: Chemotherapy or Radiation

The Lavender Way – Lavender Procedure, A Way to Defeat Breast Cancer Without Surgery: Chemotherapy or Radiation

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Comments: The Discussion briefly describes the lethality of breast cancer and provides the significance of the Lavender procedure providing relevant literature. It further discusses the psychological effect of patients with breast cancer and how the “Lavender way” prevents from losing body parts. The Conclusion gives an overview of the positive side of the Lavender procedure and how this will help breast cancer patients in the future.



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Comments: In the equipment list, bullet number 14, “2 probes (one held in abeyance should the primary probe fail)” must be reframed as “should the primary probe fail, other held in abeyance”


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Comments: The manuscript describes a new Lavender method to defeat breast cancer without surgery. The authors illustrated a new goal of predicting the manifestation of breast cancer in one’s lifetime and killing the first cancerous cells, keeping the breast intact. The manuscript highlights the candidates ideal for the procedure. The research also puts forth the origin of the Lavender procedure and clearly explains the procedure followed by the advantages and disadvantages. The results further discussed the outcome of the research.


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Phillip Bretz
Research Department, Visionary Breast Center, La Quinta, California, USA

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Research Article
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Received: Fri 30, Jul 2021
Accepted: Tue 24, Aug 2021
Published: Mon 13, Sep 2021
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