Utilization of a Reduced Graft from a Severely Traumatized Liver: A Case Report and Strategy to Increase Availability of Livers for Transplant

Utilization of a Reduced Graft from a Severely Traumatized Liver: A Case Report and Strategy to Increase Availability of Livers for Transplant

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Comments: The Discussion illustrates the lacerated liver transplantation of the brain-dead donors providing relevant literature. This further highlights the challenges faced in liver transplantation with different grade liver injuries. It also states that careful donor and recipient selection are essential for achieving successful outcomes in transplantation.



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·       In Case Report, under Abstract, 5th sentence, “The recipient was a 62-year-old small female patient” must be written as “The recipient was a 62-year-old female patient.”

·       In Donor, under Case Presentation, 1st paragraph, 2nd sentence, “On admission, she had a Glascow coma scale score of 3” must be written as “On admission, she had a Glasgow coma scale score of 3.”

·       In Discussion, last paragraph, 1st sentence, “in our hands the successful application of well-established split-liver transplantation techniques” is rewritten as “the successful application of well-established split-liver transplantation techniques.”


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Comments: This case presents a detailed description of liver transplantation procedure from a 28-year-old female with the severely traumatized liver into a 62-year-old female with alcoholic liver cirrhosis and refractory ascites. It further states the case as the first reported instance of a successful liver transplant of a severely lacerated liver.


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Marlon F. Levy
Department of Surgery, Division of Transplant Surgery, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia, USA

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Case Report
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Received: Fri 26, Mar 2021
Accepted: Thu 08, Apr 2021
Published: Fri 30, Apr 2021
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