A Review on Cardiac Biomarkers Detection for Heart Failure Prognosis

A Review on Cardiac Biomarkers Detection for Heart Failure Prognosis

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The Introduction lays down the basics for taking up the present study. The article is well supported with briefly explained figures. The review discusses about the importance of developing smart and sensitive diagnostic methods able to detect cardiac biomarkers even at low concentrations in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). It effectively describes the relevant literature. The review summarizes the available biosensing platforms for cardiac biomarkers detection. The Conclusion aptly considers biosensors to be a great economical and smart solution facilitating people's lives in many ways.



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Comments: This review article presents an overview of the available biosensor platforms for cardiac biomarkers detection along with the analysis of heart diseases, medical tests, troponin and its role in controlling myocardial health. This article holds significance as the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are numerous and unfortunately almost inevitable due to the modern lifestyle in urban areas. This study therefore aspires to provide the essential information about CVDs, biological markers, medical examinations in order to review the available detection techniques and considerations to create more practical biosensors that could help people of high-risk groups.


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Vasilopoulou Angeliki
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece

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Review Article
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Received: Mon 06, Jun 2022
Accepted: Mon 27, Jun 2022
Published: Sat 30, Jul 2022
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