New Approach of Civil Age Estimation Based on the Study of Permanent Teeth Eruption

New Approach of Civil Age Estimation Based on the Study of Permanent Teeth Eruption

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The objective of the present study was to use the process of permanent teeth eruption to establish a new method to estimate non-adults’ age. The model created in the study allowed the elaboration of a formula for civil age estimation based on the most relevant teeth groups associated to their eruption stages. The study is well supported with briefly explained figures and tables. The Discussion offers a thorough and detailed analysis of the findings of the present study taking all the relevant literature into account. From the perspective of improvement of this study, it discusses that it would be necessary to include more individuals aged between 16 and 19 years old. Based on the data obtained from the study, the article concludes that the estimated age showed a good correlation with civil age along with a good accuracy rate.



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Comments: The present study aims to create an age estimation formula for immature subjects, based on the eruption stage of permanent teeth. The study focusses on the permanent teeth eruption Bengston’s stages which show the 4 positions of an erupting tooth. The study holds significance as age estimation in anthropology is a central element for the constitution of a biological profile which is crucial for the identification of osteological remains. The sample collection comes out as one of the main limitations of this study.


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Camille Philip-Alliez
MCU-PH Orthopedie Dento-Faciale, Hopital de La Timone, Marseille, France

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Research Article
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Received: Thu 20, Jan 2022
Accepted: Wed 09, Feb 2022
Published: Mon 28, Feb 2022
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DOI: 10.31487/j.DOBCR.2022.01.01