Surgical Ciliated Cyst of the Maxilla: A Case-Series of Three Cases

Surgical Ciliated Cyst of the Maxilla: A Case-Series of Three Cases

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Comments: The Discussion states that the development of surgical ciliated cysts is due to the entrapment of sinus mucosa in the bone surrounding the wound created during surgeries which expose the Schneiderian membrane. The Discussion highlights that cases of surgical ciliated cysts can present with or without symptoms. It illustrates the signs and symptoms associated with surgical ciliated cysts. The study concludes that although a low number of surgical ciliated cysts are reported in the literature from the western hemisphere, the surgical ciliated cyst should be considered in the differential diagnosis of cystic lesions occurring after surgical procedures in which the maxillary sinus lining has been breached.



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Comments: The case report presents three cases of surgical ciliated cysts of the maxilla. Surgical ciliated cysts, an iatrogenic lesion that develops after maxillofacial surgical procedures, are relatively rare occurrences in western countries. Surgical curettage is the mainstay for the treatment of surgical ciliated cysts. Relevant literature has been reviewed. Reports of recurrence of surgical ciliated cysts have not been well documented in the literature. Future studies are required to understand the reason behind the low number of cases of surgical ciliated cysts diagnosed in the western hemisphere. Also, the recurrence rate of this pathologic entity has to be researched in the future.


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Andrew Jenzer
Staff Surgeon, Residency, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Augusta, Georgia, USA

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Case Series
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Received: Mon 29, Nov 2021
Accepted: Sat 18, Dec 2021
Published: Wed 29, Dec 2021
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