Table 1: Natural and synthetic inhibitors of FAAH and MAGL, and natural and synthetic agonists and antagonists of CB1R and CB2R.

Inhibitor of FAAH                                           URB597, CBD


Inhibitor of MAGL                                          JZL184


Agonist of CB1R and CB2R                           WIN55, 212,2


Agonist of CB2R                                             CBD


Antagonist of CB1R                                         CBD, AM281, AM251


Antagonist of CB2R                                        AM360

FAAH: Fatty acid amide hydrolase, which degrades anandamide; MAGL: Monoacylglycerol, which degrades 2-archidonoylglycerol (2-AG); CB1R: Cannabinoid receptor CB1; CB2R: Cannabinoid receptor CB2; CBD: Cannabidiol.