The Lavender Way – Lavender Procedure, A Way to Defeat Breast Cancer Without Surgery: Chemotherapy or Radiation

The Lavender Way – Lavender Procedure, A Way to Defeat Breast Cancer Without Surgery: Chemotherapy or Radiation

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Phillip Bretz
Research Department, Visionary Breast Center, La Quinta, California, USA


Background: Despite advances in metabolic pathways, exosomes, ct-DNA, biomarkers, and imaging technology, breast cancer is still with us. It is a global curse, with incidence set to double in the U.S. by 2030. Increasingly, researchers blame this debacle on our persistent use of unreliable preclinical testing with mouse models. Further, while basic science understanding has exploded, we know each daughter cell is genetically different, with likely increased resistance to therapy – and increased aggressiveness. Nonetheless, our current approach requires killing every one of these daughters to the last. The authors have devised a new game plan; the new goal is to kill the very first cells, not the last ones. This can be implemented globally – with dramatic cost reduction, and more lives saved while leaving the breast intact. Methods: The authors have created The Lavender Way, which employs multiple non-radiation diagnostic modalities. This allows us to predict within ten years in a person's lifetime when breast cancer will likely manifest. Then imaging is accelerated with modified military Infrared, ultrasound, and others to locate ultra-small breast cancers (5-8mm). Tumor analysis can determine each tumor’s aggressiveness. Via a 20-minute office procedure under local anaesthesia (i.e., Cryoablation, aka The Lavender Procedure), the tumor can be killed with the patients resuming normal activity immediately. It is both a dramatic change in treatment and, just as significant, a dramatic change in lifting the psychological burden of this dreaded disease. Results: Group I: Ideal Patients, Group II: Less than Ideal, Group III: Strictly Palliative. All in Group I are alive after seven years except one. That one died of a fall, cancer-free, and one is alive with a local recurrence successfully treated with repeat cryoablation. Group II had one local recurrence, and one had a second primary tumor in a different location in the breast. Group III refused any other treatment and had metastatic disease. They were treated to prevent tumors from eroding through the skin. Most have died. The Lavender Way paves the way for The Lavender Procedure. Conclusion: Ultra-small breast cancers with optimal bio-markers are ideal candidates for The Lavender Procedure (i.e., Cryoablation). All patients resumed normal activity immediately – without sutures. All patients in Group I and II patients have avoided surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

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Received: Fri 30, Jul 2021
Accepted: Tue 24, Aug 2021
Published: Mon 13, Sep 2021
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DOI: 10.31487/j.SCR.2021.09.06