Clinical Profiles and One-Year Prognosis of Heart Failure in a Sub-Saharan Country of Africa

Clinical Profiles and One-Year Prognosis of Heart Failure in a Sub-Saharan Country of Africa

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Kassi Anicet Adoubi
Institut de Cardiologie d’Abidjan, Côte d’ivoire


Background: New classification of heart failure according to ejection fraction calls for exploring in black Africans. Objectives: To determine our patient's characteristics and prognosis of the subtypes of heart failure. Methods: We analysed data from consecutive black African patients hospitalised for heart failure at Heart Institute of Abidjan in 2018 and followed up for one year. Results: Were considered 251 heart failure patients (age: 55.5 ± 16.3 years, 63.7% of males) with preserved (HFpEF) (18.7%), mid-range (HFmrEF) (17.6%), and reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) (63.7%). HFpEF patients were older (p <0.0001) and had more frequently. acute pulmonary oedema. From an echocardiographic point of view, HFpEF patients had, on average, a smaller left ventricle than the other patients (p <0.001), but a larger left atrium (p <0.05). Clinically, these patients were admitted more often with acute pulmonary oedema (p = 0.01) and had more often comorbidities (p=0.00)4. However, survival was better with HFpEF patients than HFrEF patients (log-rank = 4.61; p = 0.032). HFmrEF patients have an intermediate profile. Conclusion: In our context, although they have the same expression, HFrEF and HFPEF appear very different. We need further studies for a better understanding of HFmrEF.

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Received: Tue 05, Jul 2022
Accepted: Thu 21, Jul 2022
Published: Fri 05, Aug 2022
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DOI: 10.31487/j.JICOA.2022.03.01