New Approach of Civil Age Estimation Based on the Study of Permanent Teeth Eruption

New Approach of Civil Age Estimation Based on the Study of Permanent Teeth Eruption

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Camille Philip-Alliez
MCU-PH Orthopedie Dento-Faciale, Hopital de La Timone, Marseille, France


Civil age estimation is part of the process of individual identification for judicial purpose. It must be applicable for dead bodies as well as for living persons. Age can be estimated through the analysis of the permanent teeth eruption process. In the present study, this process was analysed based on the Bengston’s revisited stages illustrated by AlQhatani et al. in 2010. They were used to build a linear regression model for age estimation of children. This model was built on a sample composed of 191 orthopantomographs of children aged from 9 to 19.9 years old. The created model allowed the elaboration of a formula for civil age estimation based on the most relevant teeth groups associated to their eruption stages. The estimated age showed a good correlation with civil age (R2: 0.74), and a good accuracy rate (57% at +/- 12 months and 75% at +/- 18 months). Despite what was expected, sex was not correlated with age and was discarded from the analysis.

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Research Article
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Received: Thu 20, Jan 2022
Accepted: Wed 09, Feb 2022
Published: Mon 28, Feb 2022
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DOI: 10.31487/j.DOBCR.2022.01.01