Elevated Level of Serum Vitamin D Reduce the Chance of Latent Genital Tuberculosis

Elevated Level of Serum Vitamin D Reduce the Chance of Latent Genital Tuberculosis

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Siddhartha Chatterjee
Department of Reproductive Medicine, Calcutta fertility mission


Aim: To explore the possibility of risk factor between latent genital tuberculosis with association of low secretion anti-mullerian hormone(AMH) and low level of Vitamin D for infertility. Design: Retrospective study was done in the reproductive medicine unit of Calcutta Fertility Mission, Kolkata-700019, and India Result: From January 2017 to January 2019, total 150 Subjects (n= 75 TB-PCR positive and n=75 TB-PCR negative cases as control) were included in this study on the basis of inclusion and exclusion criteria. We have found that mean value of AMH and Vitamin D were higher in PCR negative group than positive group. Various level of AMH and Vitamin D concentration for PCR positive and negative cases were statistically significant (p-value < 0.01). Conclusion: Our finding is that vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent not only in active tuberculosis but also in latent genital tuberculosis subjects and serum Vitamin D level may help in treatment of latent genital tuberculosis. Elevated level of Vitamin D in serum may rule out latent tuberculosis.

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Received: Mon 16, Dec 2019
Accepted: Tue 14, Jan 2020
Published: Wed 22, Jan 2020
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DOI: 10.31487/j.CMR.2019.01.05